Extrusion Lamination Line LT-COEX 75/1600


Technical parameters

Layer thickness



Layer width



Layer structure:

A- single layer

Raw Material


Max. Extruder Capacity



Power Consumption



Linear speed

up to 40


Power supply

380 / 50

V / Hz

Net weight



Dimension (L*W*H)




Extrusion Lamination Line is designed for a wide range of different materials (non-woven materials, PP, HDPE)

Delivery time: 45 working days

Warranty: 1 year

Offer validity: 12 month

Payment terms: 70% in advance, 30% after commissioning.


  1. Extrusion module
  • Screw diameter: Φ65mm
  • L/D Ratio : 30:1
  • Main drive: 35 kW
  • Thrust reducer: Ц2У250
  • Frequency converter: Vesper
  • Heaters: forced cooling
  • Quantity of heating zones: 5
  • Heater power: 30kW
  1. Winding machine
  • Single-stage unwinder for spunbond.
  • Unwinding a pneumatic shaft: 76 mm
  • Roll diameter: up to 600 mm
  • Roll weight: up to 500 kg
  • Tension control — automatic, electromagnetic brake clutch: 100N

        3. Flat head

  • Flat slot die: Liutira
  • Gap adjustment method: manual adjustment
  • Die width: 1700mm
  • Effective width: 1650mm
  • Quantity of heating zones: 12 per die
  • Heater power: 28kW
  • Melt filter stock kit with manual filter change and hydraulic drive.
  • Melt filter heaters power: 8 k

        4.Cooling system

  • Liquid-cooling receiving drum: D450 * 1700mm
  • The cooling system has two circuits for uniform cooling adjustment.
  • The receiving drum has its own frequency-controlled drive.
  • Drum material, corrosion-resistant steel pipe, hard chrome coating, polished.
  • Shafts towing, neoprene coating (D 300 * 1700 mm) .
  • Drive induction motor with worm gear: 5.5 kW
  • The application unit has an independent drive for moving up / down by 100 mm and forward / backward by 1000 mm.

        5. Automatic contact rewinder

  • Type of winding: contact with automatic change of a shaft of winding. Two drive shafts: D300 * 1700 mm
  • Winding on a pneumatic shaft: 1pc.
  • winding width: 1700 mm.
  • The winder drive is independent by an asynchronous motor through a reduction gear: 7.5 kW
  • Winder motor control via Vesper frequency converter

        6. Control system

  • Temperature control: automatic controllers (PID).
  • Changing operating parameters and monitoring is carried out through the touch control panel.
  • Control Panel in Russian
  • The programmable controller supports automatic operation parameters. It’s also responsible for the interaction with the touch control panel interface.

        7. Liquid cooling system

  • Air cooling system. Installation of an industrial refrigerator is recommended for optimal operation.