Transverse Perforation Slitter Rewinder LT-WS1600





longitudinal cutting / transverse perforation / shaped nibbling

Working width


Maximum unwinding diameter


Maximum rewinding diameter


Number of rewinding shafts


Type of rewinding shafts

Contact, to one shaft

Maximum speed

Up to 250

Number of knives


Cutting type


Minimum cutting width


Allowable weight of the roll on the unwinding shaft

600 kg

Allowable weight of the roll on the rewinding shaft

600 kg

Minimum trimming width

20 mm

Longitudinal perforation shaft

By tear step

Electro / magnetic brake clutch

20 kg

Automatic edge control system

+ — 0,5 mm

Overall dimensions

3200x2500x1650 mm


2500 kg

Unwinding unit

Unwinder is designed as an unwinder with a pneumatic unwinding shaft

Static load on bearings 1500 kg.

Installed 20 kg electro / magnetic clutch

Roll is gripped by a pneumatic shaft for a 76 mm sleeve.

Transverse perforation unit

Transverse perforation shaft is made of high-quality tool steel

Versatile, has removable elements and adjustable perforation width

Die-cutting mold is made according to the customer’s specifications

Cutting unit

Unit is equipped with a cutting system with circular knives. Knife material is 9ХС

Feed drive through the cutting unit is carried out by an asynchronous motor with a frequency converter. Electromagnetic brake clutch is used as a brake.

Frequency converter is Vesper 9kW

Meter is installed on the cutting unit.

Rewinding unit

Rewinding is on one contact pneumatic shaft 76mm

At the end of rewinding, the rollers are removed to the table level.

Tension control is carried out automatically.