Meltblown extruder LT-MBN95/2000



Meltblown is used as a filtering element in face masks.

Technical parameters

Layer thickness: 0.015-0.040 mm

Layer width: 800-2000 mm

Layer structure: A- single layer

Raw Material: Granular polypropylene

Max. Extruder Capacity:  80-120kg/h

Power Consumption: 120-180kW

Linear speed Up to 100 m / min

Power Supply:  380/50 V / Hz

Net weight: 7800kg

Dimension: (L*W*H) 13000*3500*2700mm


  1. Extrusion module
    1.1 Screw diameter: Φ95mm
    1.2 Ratio L/D : 30:1
    1.3 Main drive: 45 kW
    1.4 Thrust reducer: Ц2У250
    1.5 Frequency converter: Vesper
    1.6 Heaters: semi-clamped heaters with forced cooling
    1.7 Quantity of heating zones: 6
    1.8 Heater power: 30kW
  2. Flat head
    2.1 Flat slot die: Liutira
    2.2 Gap adjustment method: manual adjustment
    2.3 Die width: 2100mm
    2.4 Effective width: 2030mm
    2.5 Quantity of heating zones: 12 per die
    2.6 Heater power: 30kW
    2.7 Melt filter kit with manual filter change and hydraulic drive.
    2.8 Melt filter heaters power: 15 kW
  3. Cooling system
    3.1 Air-cooled continuous receiving conveyor: 2100mm
    3.2 The cooling system has two circuits for uniform adjustment of cooling.
    3.3 The conveyor has its own frequency-controlled drive.
    3.4 Conveyor material: fiberglass mesh.
    3.5 Shafts towing, neoprene coating (D 100 * 2100 mm) .
    3.6 Drive induction motor with worm gear: 5.5 kW
    3.7 The conveyor has an independent drive for moving up / down by 100 mm and forward / backward by 1000 mm.
  4. Automatic contact rewinder.
    4.1 Type of winding: contact with automatic change of the winding shaft. Two drive shafts: D =100 * 2100 mm
    4.2 Winding on a pneumatic shaft: 2pcs.
    4.3 Max. winding width: 2100 mm.
    4.4 The winder drive is independent by an asynchronous motor through a reduction gear: 7.5 kW
    4.5 Winder motor control via Vesper frequency converter  4.6Automatic trimming and shaft changing.
  5. Control system
    5.1 Temperature control: automatic controllers (PID).
    5.2 Changing operating parameters and monitoring is carried out through the touch control panel.
    5.3 Control Panel in Russian
    5.4 The programmable controller supports automatic operation parameters. It’s also responsible for the interaction with the touch control panel interface.
  6. Liquid cooling system.
    6.1 For optimal operation, installation of an industrial refrigerator (chiller) is recommended.