Kraft Paper Cutting Slitting Rewinder LT-K2500



The equipment is designed for cutting paper, cardboard, kraft paper, with a density of 50-800 g / m2.

Unwinding unit main features:

Shaftless unwinding, automatic lifting from the floor using hydraulic cylinders.

Adapters for shaftless unwinding 76 mm and 152 mm are standard. Theedgecontrolislocated on the unwinder.

Tension control operates with strain gauge readings and roll thickness and diameter parameters entered by the operator to achieve uniform unwinding.

Cutting unitmain features:

The unit is equipped with pneumatic circular knife holders on a linear guide. Knife material 9ХС Cutting is carried out along the counter shaft, punching.

Feed drive through the cutting unit is carried out by an asynchronous motor with a frequency converter. A drumbrakemechanism is used as a brake, with pads in the form of a friction body.

The cutting unit is equipped with a micro-drive option for circular knives to avoid creases on thick materials. Themetercounteris installed on the cutting unit, combined with a breakage sensor.

Winding unit main features:

The unit consists of one 76 mm diameter pneumatic. The winding type is contact on three axes. Three-axis roll-in guarantees maximum uniformity and evenness of winding. At the end of winding, the rollers are removed with a hydraulic bale remover to floor level.

Technical features



Roll width on winding

50 -2500 mm

Max diameter on winding shaft

1300 mm

Cardboardsleeve diameter

3 inches (76mm)

Cutting speed

5-500 m/min (50 m / min part of materials)

Edge control sensitivity


Drive power

11.5 kW main + 7.5 kW winding

Machine weight

4200 kg

Overall dimensions