Gluing roll materials table width 2600 mm


Technical parameters:

Maximum width of jumbo roll 2600 mm

Supply voltage 220V, 50Hz

Power consumption 0.2 kW

Air consumption 0.03 l / min

Pneumatic system pressure 3-8 bar.

Feed speed up to 1500 m / min (regulated by the type of shaft bearings)

Weight 220 kg

Overall dimensions (length * width * height) 3570 * 480 * 18



The equipment is designed for joining rolls of cellophane, PET, POP, polypropylene, PVC, polyethylene, optical fiber, rolls of film, paper, various printing materials with a thickness of 10-500 microns.

  1. High-tech shafts eliminate the formation of scratches on the material.
  2. The material clamping unit has rubber-cork seals to prevent material damage.
  3. The diagonal vacuum channel simplifies the alignment of the roll parts and the adhesive tape.



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