Foil slitter rewinder LT-F1300


Foil slitter rewinder LT-F1300


The machine is designed for cutting and winding aluminum foil, paper, BOPP, PET and other materials

Main features:

  1. Main motor: asynchronous with frequency regulation.
  2. Shafts are synchronized with belt drive.
  3. Pneumaticshafts on winding, Electromagnetic brake clutches for tension control on the winding.
  4. Rubberized drive and driven feed shafts for handling thin materials. Shaft clamping adjustment — pneumatic.
  5. Basic configuration includes 10 razor knife holders.
  6. Shaft clamping adjustment – pneumatic.

Technical features



Roll width on winding

50 -2500 mm

Max diameter on winding shaft

1300 mm

Cardboardsleeve diameter

3 inches (76mm)

Cutting speed

5-500 m/min (50 m / min part of materials)

Edge control sensitivity


Drive power

11.5 kW main + 7.5 kW winding

Machine weight

4200 kg

Overall dimensions