Automatic packer of medical disposable masks LT-250B


Machine technical parameters

Model: LT-250B

Working speed: 40 — 230 masks / min

Package length: 65 — 190 mm, 120 — 280 mm (depending on shafts)

Package width: 30-110mm

Package height: up to 40 mm

Film roll diameter: up to 320 mm

Packing film material: OPP / OPP / PE, PET / P

Packaged mask types: plain flat and N95

Control: Intuitive interface


The LT-250B machine is designed for packaging medical masks in regular flat and N95 format in line. With the possibility of integration into an automatic line for the production of medical masks, working synchronously with the machine for the production of masks.

Technical features

The technological process includes feeding the mask one or several pieces, wrapping the masks with a film from the dispenser roll, printing the date (optional), longitudinal bottom sealing of the film, transverse cutting with sealing and issuing the finished material. In order to pack masks from 10 pieces in one bag, another model of the packer is needed. The packer has a function of self-diagnosis of malfunctions and in case of poor-quality material, it will automatically stop the line.

Suitable for packing chocolate, bread, small parts and other products.

Automation: Opto-electronic position sensor for tracking the accuracy of welding and cutting, temperature controller for the ability to work with different materials, self-diagnosis and notification of faults, positional shutdown without adhesion of heaters and material waste

Date stamp: ink roller printing

Power supply: 220V, 50 / 60Hz, 2.4kW

Room requirements: 10 — 35 ° С; 5 — 35% humidity; clean, not dusty room.

Weight: 800 kg

Overall dimensions: 3770 * 670 * 1450 mm